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"Great art picks up where nature ends"
- Marc Chagall


















Brian Schader takes a distinctly contemporary form and conveys to the viewer a sense of elevation of the soul. Primarily choosing to create Additive or Assembled works, Schader’s pieces rely heavily on geometric forms, creating a connection to the viewer through the simplicity and the intricacies of mathematics.  

Somewhat of a minimalist at heart, Schader chooses balance and symmetry to play an integral role, while the use of natural material like stone gives the viewer a familiar and very tactile association.

Interaction with a piece creates a more fundamental understanding of art and through this context Schader engages his viewers with not only the movement of form, but that of function as well. Many of Brian’s popular “Twist of Life” series works have a motorized base that allows an elegant, slow rotation of the helix form.

Schader’s early works explored the nature of art by drawing the viewers into a familiar place, allowing them to associate the tangible experiences of their everyday lives, living in the American Southwest. Decades of painting desert vistas, tranquil canyons and endless mountain ranges have now become muted and transformed into the sheer power and physical presence of Brian’s sculptural expression.

The vast majorty of Schader's sculptural works are monumental in nature. Only the occasional social commentary piece is available under 10' tall.







"The most beautiful sight in the world is the Art of God then Man"
- Brian Schader